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3分钟 管理检测和响应(耐多药)

5 key 耐多药 differentiators to look for to build stronger security resilience

Organizations looking to address the skills gap 和 bring greater efficiency as their business grows 和 their attack surface sprawls are turning to 耐多药 providers at an accelerated pace. We’ve seen predictions from top analyst firms signaling the rapid rate of adoption of an 耐多药 provider by 2025.

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Ongoing Malvertising Campaign leads to Ransomware

Rapid7 has observed an ongoing campaign to distribute trojanized installers for WinSCP 和 PuTTY via malicious ads on commonly used search engines, where clicking on the ad leads to typo squatted domains.

8分钟 事件响应

Ongoing Social Engineering Campaign Linked to Black Basta Ransomware Operators

Rapid7 observes ongoing social engineering campaign consistent with Black Basta

7分钟 研究

Stories from the SOC Part 2: MSIX Installer Utilizes Telegram Bot to Execute IDAT Loader

在我们的博客系列的第一部分, we discussed how a Rust based application was used to download 和 execute the IDAT Loader. 在本系列的第二部分中, we will be providing analysis of how an MSIX installer led to the download 和 execution of the IDAT Loader.

5分钟 管理检测和响应(耐多药)

Rapid7产品的新功能 & 服务业:2024年第一季度回顾

We kicked off 2024 with a continued focus on bringing security professionals the tools 和 functionality needed to anticipate risks, 查明威胁, 自信地更快地做出反应.

10分钟 恶意软件

Stories from the SOC Part 1: IDAT Loader to BruteRatel

Rapid7’s 管理检测和响应(耐多药) team continuously monitors our customers' environments, identifying emerging threats 和 developing new detections.

7分钟 事件响应


Rapid7 事件响应 was engaged to investigate an incident involving unauthorized access to two publicly-facing Confluence servers that were the source of multiple malware executions.

3分钟 数字风险保护(DRP)

Four Key Benefits of Rapid7’s New Managed Digital Risk Protection Service

Cybercrime has boomed to the third largest economy in the world behind the US 和 China, with much of the most nefarious behavior on the dark web. Monitoring it effectively can be the key to identifying the earliest signals of an attack – 和 the difference between a minor event 和 a major breach.

2分钟 安全运营(SOC)

攻击者夜以继日地工作. 幸运的是,我们也是.

With the average cost of a breach at an all time high of $4.4500万年, there’s an undeniable need for teams to enlist the right experts to quickly eradicate threats.

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When Maximum Effort Doesn't Equate to Maximum 十大赌博正规信誉网址

It’s no secret that security teams are feeling beleaguered as a result of the barrage of data, 事件, 和 alerts generated by their security tools, increased budget scrutiny 和 constrained staff resources.

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Unlock Broader 检测s 和 Forensics with 伶盗龙 in Rapid7 XDR

Rapid7 is excited to announce the integration of 伶盗龙, 我们领先的开源DFIR框架, into the 了解平台 for InsightIDR Ultimate users — all with no additional deployment or configurations required.

7分钟 紧急威胁响应

Under Siege: Rapid7-Observed Exploitation of Cisco ASA SSL VPNs

Rapid7’s managed detection 和 response (耐多药) teams have observed increased threat activity targeting Cisco ASA SSL VPN appliances (physical 和 virtual) dating back to at least March 2023, including several incidents that ended in ransomware deployment.

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Healthcare Orgs: Do You Need an Outsourced SOC?

Learn how your healthcare organization can benefit from cybersecurity managed services 和 an outsourced SOC.

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Rapid7 Recognized 表现出色 in The Forrester Wave™ for 耐多药, Q2 2023

Rapid7 is proud to be recognized amongst the top 13 vendors, 表现出色, in The Forrester WaveTM: 管理检测和响应, Q2 2023.